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athletic wrist wrapsWhat causes hand and wrist pain?

Fractures or strains from a fall or sports injury can cause sudden hand and wrist pain. Chronic conditions like arthritis are common causes of hand and wrist pain. Another typical issue is carpal tunnel syndrome. This is caused by repetitive use and motion.

Other painful conditions like nerve damage or tendonitis involve your ligaments, nerves, joints and bones. Schedule an appointment with hand and wrist specialist near you who will find the cause of your hand or wrist discomfort and offer treatment solutions.

What does carpal tunnel feel like?

Are your hands falling asleep or do you have difficulty with simple tasks such as buttoning a shirt or using a can opener? Numbness, and pain when performing simple tasks are common signs of carpal tunnel syndrome.

You may even feel like you're carrying a heavy brick. Other symptoms are stiff fingers, skin color or temperature changes and the inability to make a fist.

Fortunately, carpal tunnel treatment at Novant Health can relieve your hand and wrist pain, so you can get back to your regular activities.

When should I see a hand and wrist doctor?

Many strains heal within a couple of days, while sprains can take weeks. However, severe trauma like a break or fracture requires immediate treatment. Visit Novant Health if you experience a work, personal or sports-related injury. Our care team will assess the issue and connect you to an orthopedic specialist.

Don't let chronic symptoms like pain, tingling, numbness or lack of strength go untreated. Speak with an experienced hand and wrist specialist near you if you experience these symptoms. Our hand specialists will determine if your condition could be carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, a sprain or fracture, nerve damage or , which causes inflammation in the tendons.

Why Choose Novant Health?

Receive compassionate care from a team that makes sure you're seen and heard. Our specialists build strong partnerships with leading institutions to provide treatments using the latest nonsurgical and surgical techniques and robotic-assisted technology.

A Novant Health doctor and nurse are standing in the hall of a hospital as they discuss and plan together.

Collaborate with a team of compassionate experts to find an effective treatment option that works for you. Together with your orthopedic specialist, you'll decide if physical therapy, a minimally invasive procedure or surgery is your best option.

Novant Health's Doctor Jennifer Susanne Harvey treating patient's shoulder.

We're committed to providing advanced healthcare to everyone. Our clinical research and trials help us develop methods to improve surgical procedures and therapeutic solutions.

If you're interested in volunteering to help us in an orthopedic study, contact the Novant Health Clinical Research program and see how you can help.

From the moment you first meet us to your recovery and beyond, you have a team on your side whenever you need support. We create a care plan you're comfortable with before, during and after treatment.

Our support doesn't end after you recover. Whether you're experiencing new symptoms or simply have a question about healthy living, your team is always there.

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ice on wrist injury

How to relieve hand and wrist pain

Depending on your condition, you may be able to get some relief by applying heat or ice, taking over-the-counter (OTC) medications and using manual massage techniques. If it's determined you need other treatment, there are various non-invasive procedures like physical or injection therapy. When surgery is recommended, the orthopedic specialists at Novant Health will work with you to decide which option is best for you.

Detecting the early signs of arthritis

Arthritis in your hands and wrists causes pain, swelling and numbness. You may also feel stiffness in your joints in the morning and notice a diminished range of motion. A hand and wrist specialist can help you identify the signs to begin early prevention treatment and discuss ways to treat this chronic condition.