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Whether you choose an ob-gyn, midwife or both to care for you during pregnancy and childbirth, the dedicated and compassionate team at Novant Health will help you plan a positive, healthy and memorable birthing experience.

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What is an ob-gyn?

An obstetrician is a medical doctor specializing in the care and treatment of pregnant women, including those with high-risk pregnancies.

Other medical conditions an ob-gyn manages include:

  • Pelvic floor disorders
  • Ovarian cysts
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Placenta accreta
  • Menopause treatment

What is a midwife?

A midwife is a health professional who cares for expectant mothers throughout their pregnancy, labor and delivery. Midwives may also provide routine women’s health services and gynecological care.

Types of midwives

There are several kinds of midwives: certified nurse-midwives, certified professional midwives, certified midwives, direct-entry midwives and lay midwives. The main differences between them are:

  • Education. A certified nurse-midwife is the only type of midwife who, besides holding a professional certification, has a nursing degree.
  • Certification. Direct-entry midwives and lay midwives aren't certified through any professional midwife However, they may have received midwife training through other avenues.

How midwives and ob-gyns work together

Providing you with the safest, healthiest and most positive pregnancy experience is the primary goal of your ob-gyn and midwife. Choosing a provider depends on who you feel most comfortable with and how your pregnancy is progressing. In general, if you have a routine pregnancy and wish to be cared for by a midwife, this option may be available to you.

If your family, medical or surgical history indicates you could be at a higher risk for complications during pregnancy, you may prefer to work with an obstetrician. However, the choice doesn't have to be "one or the other." No matter which provider you choose to be your primary care provider, your ob-gyn and midwife will work together to develop a care plan that offers the safest and best experience for you and your baby.

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Now That You Are Pregnant

Finding out you are pregnant can bring about many different emotions from excitement to uncertainty and more. We are here to help with the questions you may have as you wait for your first prenatal appointment.