CT Scan

CT scans give you superior pictures of your organs and bones.

When your healthcare provider needs to get a detailed look at an area inside your body, they often will recommend computerized tomography, an imaging technology also known as a CT scan or CAT scan. This technique is superior to conventional X-rays, which show your bones and more subtle outlines of your organs.

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While a conventional X-ray uses a stationary machine to focus on a specific part of your body, a CT scan machine includes a device that rotates around your body. The images created show a cross-sectional view of areas inside the body.

Before your scan, the medical team may give you a liquid to drink. This liquid often contains barium or iodine, which help produce clear images of structures or fluids within your body.

Tell your technologist if you have been diagnosed with diabetes, heart disease, kidney problems or a thyroid condition. These conditions increase your risk of having an allergic reaction to the liquid contrast medium during or after your exam; however, our staff and physicians can assist you if you do have an allergic reaction.

If you are pregnant or suspect you may be pregnant, your doctor may suggest an alternative exam, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or ultrasound.