Blood Disorders

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Blood disorders, such as anemia, sickle cell or hemophilia, can make it challenging to do the things you love. You’ll find the specialists, treatments and support you need at our convenient and comprehensive adult and pediatric Hemophilia Treatment Centers (HTCs).

Our highly skilled providers have devoted their careers to providing remarkable hematology care. We’ll help you manage your blood condition so you can maintain everyday activities.

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Comprehensive anemia management

Anemia can leave you feeling weak and out of breath, if left untreated. This condition occurs when your body doesn't make enough red blood cells or loses or destroys too many.

Our blood specialists will identify the underlying cause of your anemia and recommend the best treatment for you so you can get back to what matters most. Learn more about the types of anemia, including sickle cell disease, and our approach to your care.

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Blood clotting and bleeding disorders

If you have symptoms of blood clotting or have been diagnosed with a bleeding disorder, it's essential to act quickly. Our nationally recognized blood specialists include board-certified hematologists specially trained to handle bleeding and blood clotting disorders, including:

  • Deep vein thrombosis: A blood clot that typically forms in the calf, blocking a deep vein.
  • Pulmonary embolism: A blockage in a lung artery.
  • Hemophilia: An inherited disorder where blood can't clot properly due to low levels of certain proteins.
  • Von Willebrand disease: A blood disorder where blood doesn't clot properly. Often inherited, but can surface later in life.
  • Platelet disorders: A blood disorder where blood doesn't clot properly, causing unusually heavy bleeding. Commonly caused by medications, but can be inherited.

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Benign hematology treatments

Noncancerous blood diseases like sickle cell and hemophilia can cause pain and exhaustion. Our dedicated and compassionate hematologists focus on all your needs. Together, we will discuss ways to reduce your symptoms and best treat you.

Depending on your condition, blood disease treatments may include transfusion medicine or infusion therapies. Our blood specialists may also recommend factor replacement therapy for a blood clotting disorder to encourage clotting and prevent bleeding. See how advanced benign hematology treatment can help you live a fuller life.

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Access Advanced Blood Disease Treatment.

Advancements in hemophilia treatments and medicines for blood conditions can give you a new way to fight your disease. Our hematologists regularly review clinical research and pioneer solutions for living with or overcoming blood disorders. You may be able to join a clinical trial and receive early access to new treatments.

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