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Helping patients get the sickle cell care they need

Sickle cell disease is an inherited blood disorder that can cause severe pain, shorten life expectancy and limit your daily activities. With the help of Novant Health Presbyterian Medical Center, it doesn’t have to. We can provide you with the specialized care you need to manage sickle cell disease and relieve pain as quickly and effectively as possible.

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Sickle cell treatment

Our team of sickle cell specialists works with your primary care physician to develop a care plan based on your needs and goals. We offer:

  • Health screenings and education
  • Pain management and disease complication strategies
  • Immunizations and laboratory tests
  • Inpatient disease management
  • Individual and group counseling

In addition to screenings and counseling, we can also provide nutritional evaluations to help you develop a healthy lifestyle and eating habits. By coordinating with community resources, we also provide advocacy for school-related issues and help adolescent patients transition into adult care. Our highly trained team of healthcare professionals is committed to helping you stay healthy.

To learn more about sickle cell and our services, call 704-384-4139.