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A healthy heart is your foundation for wellness

Making sure your heart and other vital organs are performing well is an important focus of a wellness plan at every stage of life. For this reason, we’ve invested in diagnostic technology that can provide valuable information about the size, shape, condition and performance of your heart and its valves. Echocardiogram is one of those tools.

Also called an echo, this procedure is a noninvasive ultrasound that uses sound waves to gather information about your condition. Our doctors use this test as needed, which may include monitoring before, during or after surgery. Keeping checks on your heart is one way we make your safety, comfort and quick recovery a top priority.

Other testing services include ultrasound for blood vessels, nuclear imaging, stress testing, as well as monitoring of an irregular heartbeat, also known as an arrhythmia.

If you are experiencing warning signs of a heart attack or another life-threatening emergency, call:


Critical care transport

Our critical care transport team can make arrangements to take you to Novant Health Presbyterian Medical Center should you need more advanced heart care services. This facility has one of the largest, most comprehensive heart and vascular programs in the greater Charlotte area.