Student Nurse Apprenticeship (SNAP)

We are pleased to introduce Novant Health’s Student Nurse Apprenticeship Program (SNAP).

What is SNAP? – The Student Nurse Apprenticeship Program (SNAP) is designed to provide nursing students with paid, flexible clinical positions while experiencing the Novant Health culture.

This program includes shadowing experiences in a variety of specialties, as well as webinars, socialization activities, and a flexible schedule.

Two tracks include:

  • SNAP I (unlicensed assistive personnel)
  • SNAP II (CNA listing required)

Who is eligible? – Any student who has been formally accepted to an accredited nursing program.

When does it occur? – Nursing students may apply at any time once they have been admitted to nursing school, including prior to taking upper division classes

Where does it occur? – In a variety of units including adult acute care and select other units in our facilities within the Greater Charlotte Market, Greater Coastal Market, Greater Winston-Salem Market and Rowan-Thomasville Region.

Benefits: Flexible work schedule that adapts to school and personal needs, competitive pay, seamless path to the Novant Health Nurse Residency Program.

How do I join? – Submit an application using the position ID:

All Markets:

SNAP I: 2024-195965  

SNAP II: 2024-195833


Open SNAP roles

Open Roles for the Brunswick, Charlotte, Rowan-Thomasville, Wilmington, and Winston-Salem markets


Apply Here



Apply Here