Areas of Concentration

Our program currently has AOCs in place for sports medicine, maternity care, and OMT for allopathic physicians. Our residency graduates have achieved marked diversity in practice opportunities, inclusive of correctional medicine, academic medicine, hospitalist medicine, palliative and hospice care, sports medicine, advocacy, and administrative leadership, just to name a few.  Achieving an area of concentration (AOC) is an option for residents who want to build specific experience and skills beyond the core rotations of the Family Medicine Residency at New Hanover Regional Medical Center. This may be to expand on a passion for certain health conditions, working with certain populations, preparing for fellowship or other post-grad training opportunities, or to engage in focused professional development for future employment goals. 

We also recognize the diverse aspirations of our residents and thus allow customizable AOC ("build your own") that can be developed with faculty to meet a resident’s needs.  All AOCs will have clear educational objectives and activities outlined, and interested residents typically declare their interest during intern year, in order to achieve their educational goals over the last two years of residency. AOC requirements are in addition to (not in place of) other program requirements.