Programs Offered

New Hanover Regional Medical Center's Clinical Pastoral Education Program offers a residency in CPE beginning at the end of August each year. The residency is for one calendar year.

Residency Program: Level I and II

The one-year Residency Program offers three units of ACPE Clinical Pastoral Education designed for those seeking:

  • Further development of personal and pastoral identity
  • Development of the ability to provide spiritual care and assessment
  • Development of skill in trauma care and pastoral crisis intervention
  • Integration of theory and theology with the practice of ministry

Residents are assigned to clinical areas where they provide spiritual care to patients, families and staff. They then critically reflect on that ministry in consultation with supervisor(s), peers, and other professional colleagues. Our learning structure follows several formats:

  • Verbatim seminar
  • Reading seminar
  • Interpersonal relationship seminar
  • Didactic seminars
  • Individual supervisory conferences with a certified ACPE Supervisor


The Residency Program begins on the last Monday of each August and lasts for twelve months. One previous unit of CPE is required for the residency program. Note: There is no equivalent or substitute for one unit of CPE.

The dates for the 2018-19 Residency Program are August 27, 2018 - August 23, 2019.
The dates for the 2019-20 Residency Program are August 26, 2019 - August 21, 2020.

Annual Application Deadlines

We accept residents on a rolling admission basis. There is no deadline, but the earlier you apply, the better.


$25 non-refundable application fee

$50 non-refundable confirmation fee

$400 tuition for each unit

If you would like to pay your fees and/or tuition online you can do so on the CPE Application Page.

Stipend and Benefits

Resident benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Stipend (part of stipend may be designated as housing allowance if ordained or commissioned)
  • Meal card for on-call meals
  • Free parking
  • Health Insurance at a low premium
  • $10,000 group term life insurance while a resident
  • 90-day Long Term Disability plan
  • Low-cost NHRMC Employee Fitness Center Membership
  • Access to NHRMC Employee Clinic
  • Seven paid holidays plus 19 paid days off

Currently, New Hanover Regional Medical Center offers a stipend of $33,300 a year, plus benefits.

This potential curriculum outline will give you an idea of what our program is like. The details change with the needs of each Resident group.


First Unit

Second Unit

Third Unit

Focus: Pastoral Formation, Authority & Reflection

Focus: Pastoral Competence and Function

Focus: Integration and Interdisciplinary Function 




Residents will have opportunities to participate in the following seminars:




Individual Supervision

Individual Supervision

Individual Supervision

Peer Supervision

Peer Supervision

Peer Supervision

Reflection Papers

Reflection Papers

Reflection Papers




Chapel Leadership Seminars

Chapel Leadership Seminars

Chapel Leadership Seminars




Reading Seminars

Reading Seminar

Reading Seminar

Theological & Cultural Papers


Paper on Theology of Spiritual Care

IPR-Interpersonal Relations



Ethics Case Presentations

Ethics Case Presentations

Attend Ethics Committee meeting

Reel Theology

Reel Theology

Reel Theology

Department Meetings

Department Meetings

Department Meetings

Unit Project

Unit Project

Unit Project

Mid-unit Evaluation


Sub-region CPE Day

Other events as scheduled

Other events as scheduled

Other events as scheduled

Final Evaluation

Final Evaluation

Final Evaluation

Student Response Form

Student Response Form

Exit Interview with PAG

Residents will have opportunities to gain skills in these areas:

NHRMC skills - pagers, log, computer, charting, etc.

Resume preparation & Job search skills


Reflective Empathic Listening


Self supervision

Interdisciplinary Team Functioning

Use of self

Use of self

Worship Leadership

Worship Leadership

Worship Leadership

Theological Reflection

Theological reflection

Theological reflection

Ethical Reflection

Confrontation/Conflict resolution

Critical purchase of theories

Interfaith Prayers/Rites

Crisis Management





Crisis ministry



Grief ministry/support



Spiritual Care Assessments



Residents will have opportunities to gain knowledge in these areas: 

NHRMC Mission & Values


Interdisciplinary function

Basic medical terminology


Positive use of power and authority

Hospital culture

Family Systems Theory

Cultural humility

Multiple Cultures

Group Dynamics


Multiple Faith systems

Human Sexuality


Clinical Method of Learning




Pastoral Role and Function



Multi-culture / Multi-faith


Self awareness - history, culture, thoughts, feelings




Religion and Mental Illness


Stages of Grief



Crisis Ministry/Interventions



Clear and responsible boundaries



Possible readings are:

Recalling Our Own Stories

Generation to Generation

A Male-Female Continuum

Clinical Ethics: A Practical Approach to Ethical Decisions in Clinical Medicine

Pastoral Care to Gays, Lesbians, and Their Families

Hospital Ministry

An Invitation to Feminist Ethics

The Power Equity Group

Educating the Reflective Practitioner

Stewards of Life

Groups: Process and Practice

When Suffering Persists

The Skilled Pastor

Assessing Spiritual Needs

From Ministry to Theology

Naming the Silences

In a Different Voice

The Practice of Pastoral Care: A Postmodern Approach

When Religion Gets Sick

Stages of Faith

Becoming a Healthier Pastor

The Lost Art of Listening

Friedman's Fables


Spiritual Caregiving in the Hospital: Windows to Chaplaincy Ministry



Caring for Patients from Different Cultures

The Art of Theological Reflection


Grief, Transition, and Loss

Behind the Masks


Here If You Need Me

The Psychology of Religion