Annual Notice

Annual Notice Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

FERPA Annual Notice

1. This ACPE CPE center/program guarantees to its students the rights to inspect and review education records, to seek to amend them, to specified control over release of record information, and to file a complaint against the program for alleged violations of these Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) rights.

2. This ACPE CPE center/program considers the following information to be public directory information:

  • Student’s first and last name
  • Student’s participation in the CPE program
  • Student’s faith group affiliation
  • Colleges/graduate schools student has attended
  • Student’s photo
  • Student’s photo with other members of the training group

Students are each given a “Sharing of CPE Student Information” form in which they can give permission to use their information in total or in part, and can opt out of including any part or all of the above information.

3. The student record consists of the following:

  • Current Student: a face sheet; the student application; all supervisor final evaluations; a copy of the signed Agreement for Training; and a Student Record Sheet which lists the student name, last known address, number of units they completed, level of CPE, dates of training, and the name of the CPE Supervisor. Student final evaluations are not required, but will be kept if the student gives the center a clean copy.
  • Graduates: a face sheet, a Student Record Sheet (described above), and supervisor final evaluations. Student final evaluations are not required, but will be kept if the student gives the center a clean copy.

4. Details of the center’s record management protocols.

  • The Spiritual Care Department’s Administrative Associate, under the guidance of the Director, maintains the confidential student records. After ten (10) years the student records will only contain the Student Record Sheet and the face sheet.
  • A student has the right to object to record content. If not negotiable, the written objection will be kept with and released with the record. Grades are exempted from this right.

5. At this ACPE CPE center, we consider the following “education officials.” They may have access to confidential student records without student consent:

  • The Director of the Spiritual Care Department
  • The Spiritual Care Department Administrative Associate
  • The APCE CPE Supervisors who are employed by NHRMC
  • Site visitors for ACPE accreditation
  • Those who have a legitimate educational interest

At this ACPE CPE center, a “legitimate education interest” is defined as:

  • Updating student records
  • Purging student files
  • Review of final evaluations from previous units by current CPE Supervisor
  • Review of final evaluations in response to a complaint
  • Answering a student request for a copy of information in their file
  • ACPE accreditation

Information from the student record will not be available to other persons without the written permission of the student.

6. Violations of these protocols may be reported to:

Chair of the Accreditation Commission
Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc.
1549 Clairmont Road, Suite 103
Decatur, GA 30033