We are here for you, whenever you need us

Gettiing the primary medical care you and your family need should be easy. At Novant Health Wallburg Family Medicine, we work to make it just that. We offer primary medical care for patients of all ages in our one convenient location. Whether you are sick or well, or are seeking care for yourself or for a younger or older family member, we look forward to serving you.

By focusing on the family as the central unit of care, we are able to get to know you and those closest to you. That means we can look for ways that you can help each other lead healthier lives, and we can deliver care quickly should an illness affect more than one family member. It also guarantees you a continuity of care as you and your children age. You will never have to transfer your care to another office due to age.

Our clinic is located on Thomasville Road (Highway 109), just north of Gumtree Road. We are easily reached from Interstates 74, 40 and 285. We are close to Union Cross, Gum Tree and Waughtown.