When you need surgery, our providers are here for you

Hearing you might need surgery can be concerning, and can bring up many questions and concerns. At Southern Surgery Specialists – Hardeeville, we understand the uncertainty that can come with the need for surgery. We aim to answer those questions, set your mind at ease and help you choose the best course of treatment for yourself.

Whether you need a common surgery such as a hernia repair or a more specialized procedure to  address a cancer or other health concern, we can help. Our providers are proud to offer minimally invasive procedures using the da Vinci Surgical System. These robot-assisted procedures can shorten recovery times and lower risks of complications as compared to traditional surgery. This means you can be back to your busy life as quickly as safely possible.  

Our clinic is on Medical Center Drive on the campus of Coastal Carolina Hospital. We are on the second floor of the Medical Plaza building. Our clinic is close to Latitude Margaritaville Hilton Head, Sun City Hilton Head, Purrysburg, Pritchardville and Limehouse.