Proper care for your child’s endocrine system can improve growth and development

Your child’s endocrine system is made up of glands that produce hormones, which are natural chemicals that help control many body functions. Hormones can affect growth and development, metabolism, sleep and mood. When your child’s endocrine system is not working properly, that can lead to problems in these areas. Novant Health Pediatric Endocrinology – Midtown is here to provide you with an accurate diagnosis as quickly as possible so you can begin to manage your child’s condition without delay.

When an endocrine disorder is affecting your child’s development, our providers will listen to your concerns to get a deep understanding of the symptoms you are seeing. The goal is to create a plan to effectively manage your child’s condition and ease the symptoms. Your provider will take time to share information with you and your child as it becomes available. That way you will have the information you need to ask question about the treatment plan and what it entails.

Our clinic is located on Queens Road, near Novant Health Presbyterian Medical Center. We are in the Novant Health Pediatric Multi-Specialty Center. Our office is convenient to uptown Charlotte, south Charlotte, Eastover and Myers Park and is easily reached from Interstate 277.