Our services

Novant Health Orthopedics & Sports Medicine - Huntersville is dedicated to caring for injuries and orthopedic conditions affecting hand or arm function. Novant Health’s board-certified orthopedic surgeons will evaluate your condition and work with you to lessen your pain and help you move toward your goals for wellness.

When you choose Novant Health, you get access to the same providers trusted by professional athletes who come to us for orthopedic care. We offer minimally invasive surgical procedures to lessen pain and restore function in the hands and arms. Some of our advanced, robotic-assisted methods require minimal downtime. That means you can be back home on the same day as your procedure.

Our services include:

  • Care for acute illnesses, including colds, sore throats, flu and stomach upset
  • Fracture care
  • Pediatric fracture care
  • Elbow reconstruction
  • Wrist sprain and strain care
  • Treatments for soft tissue injuries
  • Surgery on the thumb joint, also called the carpometacarpal joint (CMC arthroplasty)
  • Care for overuse and repetitive-motion injuries
  • Care for on-the-job injuries (workers’ compensation care)

Our patients also can benefit from access to a clinical sport psychologist, who can treat athletes for eating disorders, depression and other conditions that can affect sports performance.