We help you easily access the surgical services you need

If you need surgery to address a concern or as part of a treatment plan for cancer or another issue, you need a surgical team to understand your condition and explain your surgical options. The providers at Okatie Surgical Partners – Bluffton will communicate with you as well as other providers involved in your care to get the clearest possible picture of your health. Then, together, you and your care team will determine the best treatment plan for you.

We serve patients of all ages, and offer both traditional and minimally invasive surgical procedures. Sometimes minimally invasive (laparoscopic) procedures can reduce recovery time and lessen the risk of infection as compared to traditional surgery. Once you understand your options and their potential outcomes, we will be there to see you through any treatment plan.

Our clinic is on Baylor Drive, on the Bluffton Medical Campus near the Publix grocery store. Our clinic is in the Medical Campus Building on the second floor. We are near Bluffton, Brighton Beach, Okatie and Sun City Hilton Head.