Our services

When you have non-life-threatening ob-gyn issues and concerns that need to be treated before you can see your regular ob-gyn, we provide the prompt, expert care you need and deserve.

You will be seen by a doctor or nurse practitioner who specializes in obstetrics and gynecology. Should you need follow-up care, our team will ensure your primary ob-gyn has a record of your visit with us, so any further treatment you need can continue without interruption.

Gynecologic concerns we regularly address include:

  • Pelvic pain
  • Abnormally heavy bleeding
  • Vaginal pain, itching, burning or discharge
  • Bladder infections (infections of the urinary system that cause pain)
  • Minor injuries of the vagina (gynecologic trauma)
  • Bartholin gland cysts or abscesses (a blocked gland at the entrance of the vagina causing swelling or pain)

We also offer screenings for sexually transmitted infections.

Obstetric concerns we regularly address include:

  • Vaginal bleeding during pregnancy (threatened miscarriage)
  • Evaluation of early labor pains and/or if your water has broken
  • Questions about the well-being of an unborn baby
  • Nausea and vomiting (morning sickness)
  • Cold or flu-like symptoms during pregnancy
  • High blood pressure during pregnancy

Our clinic can assess the health and/or viability of your fetus with on-site ultrasound equipment.

Urgent care versus emergency room

If you need care for injuries sustained during a sexual assault, go to your nearest emergency room immediately.

If you are experiencing life-threatening symptoms, call 911 or have someone take you to the hospital immediately.

While we take walk-in patients, wait times may vary depending on the volume and condition of patients we are treating when you arrive. If you can, please call ahead or use Hold my Place to help us provide you with prompt medical care.