Our goal is to give you advanced care for sleep disorders, epilepsy, neuropathy and other neurological conditions

Your nervous system controls so much of how you function each day. When it’s working normally, you probably won’t notice how much it is doing for you. However, when a condition or injury affects your nervous system and stops you from moving or sleeping normally, you’re likely to think about your pain, discomfort and physical limitations constantly.

At Novant Health Neurology & Sleep – Midtown, we work to understand your condition and determine how to manage it effectively. Neuropathy and conditions such as Parkinson’s disease can make it difficult for you to be active and complete daily activities. Our providers will assess your condition and help you find therapies so you can stay as active as possible. If sleep apnea or another sleep disorder is keeping you from getting the rest you need, our providers will help you better understand the causes and ways to manage your condition.

Our clinic is located on Randolph Road near Novant Health Presbyterian Medical Center, just south of uptown Charlotte.