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Your nervous system is at the center of all that you do. It affects the way your body works, the way you move and the way you think. When it stops working, or works abnormally, it is important to find out why and see what can be done to get you back to as normal and pain-free a life as possible. Whether you are seeking general neurological care or headache care, Novant Health Neurology- Kernersville is here for you.

Our board-certified neurologist uses advanced diagnostic tools to diagnose and manage neurological conditions and disorders. We understand the impact chronic headaches or neuromuscular difficulties can have on our patients' lives, and we strive to provide the best treatments and management for those conditions available.

Whether you are suffering from chronic headaches or migraines or battling a neurological concern like epilepsy or multiple sclerosis, the staff at Novant Health Neurology - Kernersville can help get you back to living an active, pain-free life.