Our services

Our team offers a range of specialized services for soon-to-be mothers and their babies in cases of high-risk pregnancy. These services include:

  • Detailed (level II) ultrasounds

Comprehensive ultrasound exams can be used for a range of diagnostic purposes. These could include checking your baby for signs of unusual development or monitoring potential concerns such as preeclampsia.

  • Amniocentesis

This procedure helps our team look more closely at the fluid that protects your baby (amniotic sac) to determine whether your baby may have specific genetic or chromosome disorders.

  • Treatments for your baby

If your baby has a condition such as low amounts of red blood cells (fetal anemia), we can offer a number of treatment options, including fetal blood transfusions. We are also available to offer specialized pregnancy care if you are carrying more than one baby.

  • Help managing your chronic diseases

If you have a condition such as diabetes or heart disease, we can help you manage it during your pregnancy. This can give you and your baby a better chance of staying healthy before and after delivery.

  • Pregnancy complications

We can help you address conditions such as high blood pressure and liver or kidney damage (preeclampsia) and early separation of the placenta from your uterus (placental abruption). Other complications we can assist with include early (preterm) labor, gestational diabetes and unusually fast or slow development.

  • Inpatient consultations

If you need to be admitted to Novant Health Forsyth Medical Center during your pregnancy, our team can work with your obstetrician, midwife or hospital staff to assist with your care. Our provider can also help ensure your baby is in an optimal position before delivery (external cephalic version) for a safer and easier birth.