Our services

Novant Health Forsyth Heart & Wellness is here to work with you and your existing care team to keep you as healthy as possible. The healthcare providers in our clinic can help you manage your condition to avoid a stroke, heart complications or other serious conditions. Our services include an anticoagulation clinic and a heart failure program.

If you have an irregular heartbeat — also known as atrial fibrillation or AFib — or another condition that could lead to unwanted blood clots, anticoagulation therapy might be suggested to you. This therapy uses medications to thin the blood and prevent blood clots that could lead to a stroke or other serious health problems. The providers in our anticoagulation clinic want to make your treatment as successful as possible for as long as possible. They will use in-office diagnostic tools to make sure your therapy is working, and will teach you how to monitor your health. You will have access to face-to-face counseling with an expert clinician to answer your questions and address your concerns.

For patients diagnosed with heart failure or cardiomyopathies (disease of the heart muscles), our heart failure program offers support to enhance your quality of life. We see patients in the hospital and in outpatient programs. We offer intensive outpatient follow-up after your discharge from the hospital. We work with you to give you the information and skills you need manage your care at home and monitor your condition.

Services we offer include:

  • Medical management for heart failure in accordance with American College of Cardiology (ACC) guidelines
  • Specialized care for Pulmonary Hypertension