Get the help you need to manage diabetes, hormone imbalances and thyroid disorders

When your endocrine system is functioning normally, you probably are not aware of it. When this system stops working as it should, the way the body grows, uses energy and completes other important tasks can be thrown out of balance. This can affect every aspect of your life. When you are confronted with diabetes, a hormone imbalance or a thyroid disorder, the providers at Novant Health Endocrinology & Thyroid have the expertise and resources you need.

When you visit our clinic, our care team will work to quickly assess your condition and make an accurate diagnosis. Getting to the root of your issues will help us provide the tools you need to lead as healthy a life as possible. This could include helping you make a lifestyle change, or suggesting treatment with medication or surgery.

Our clinic is in Huntersville, North Carolina, just off of Sam Furr Road (Highway 73). We are easily reached from Interstate 77 and are close to the Birkdale area. We are convenient to north Charlotte, Cornelius, Davidson and Mooresville.