Call on a specialist for help with your child’s behavior and delayed development

We understand how difficult uncertainty can be, especially when it comes to wellness. If your child has been diagnosed with a condition that affects development or behavior, or if you have a concern that such an issue could be present, you need answers as quickly as possible. Our experienced healthcare providers at Novant Health Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics – Eastover can help you work through those challenging times. When you visit our office, your care team will carefully evaluate your child to provide an accurate diagnosis. You will learn about treatment plans or management strategies that could help your child.

Our providers serve patients from birth to age 18. They regularly care for patients who have autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and conditions affecting behavior and development. Your child’s care team will work to minimize the effects of these conditions, so your child can be as successful as possible at school and in life.