When you need advanced brain and spine care, we are here for you

It can be difficult to make plans for the future when you are trying to manage a serious or life-threatening medical condition. A spinal tumor, spinal infection or condition such as scoliosis can cause severe pain and limit your ability to get around, keeping you from daily activities. A brain tumor, malignant or not, can interfere with speech and memory or put pressure on a part of brain that controls your ability to stand and walk. Carpal tunnel syndrome, also a condition our surgeons treat, can be life-altering, as well.

Help is available at Novant Health Brain and Spine – Kimel Park. With a referral from your primary care physician, our medical team can help you figure out some of the most complicated medical questions you are facing. Physicians in our clinic treat conditions of the brain, spine, spinal cord and nerves, as well as bone deformities. Their first priority is getting you back to your family and the other things that matter most in your life.

Your care team will start by taking time to understand your condition and it’s causes, whether that includes an injury, illness or age. Our experts will use their considerable skill and experience to diagnose and recommend appropriate treatments. Most of all, our team is committed to supporting you and your family as you look for answers that are right for you. Our clinic is near Interstate 40 and Burke Mill Road in Kimel Park, located in southwest Winston-Salem. We believe compassionate care is an important part of treatment, and we look forward to welcoming you whenever you visit.