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Whether you are visiting a loved one or receiving care, Novant Health Maya Angelou Women's Health & Wellness Center wants to ensure that your experience with us is a good one. We've provided the following information to help you prepare for your visit.

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The Maya Angelou Women's Health & Wellness Center has a comfortable waiting room available for families where they can stay informed and relaxed in anticipation of the new arrival. The waiting room is on the first floor behind the Maya Angelou Women's Health and Wellness Center Information Desk.

During labor and delivery, you can have up to four people with you while you are in the birthing suite. These visitors must stay either in your room or in the waiting room on the first floor. We encourage you to have your immediate family and your other children be present to visit or stay with you, as you desire. Young children must be accompanied by an adult whose only responsibility is caring for the young child. This adult must be a different person than the one who is supporting the mother through labor.

We respect your privacy and provide secure access to the mother and infant: special identification bracelets, coded to match their baby’s identification bracelet, are provided for the mother and partner.