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Weight loss medications

Ask your doctor about weight loss medicines as an alternative to surgery

Your medical teams want to help you find wellness services that take into account your personal preferences and medical needs. Nonsurgical weight loss programs are the right choice for many people. Weight loss medications are one option at Novant Health. These medications can be used to suppress appetite, control food cravings and address binge eating.

Our services include a comprehensive medical evaluation and assessment for those considering weight loss medication. Most drugs in this class are for people age 18 and older. Phentermine, which is used short-term for appetite suppression, may be available for some adolescents beginning at age 16.

Weight-loss medicines may be appropriate for you if you:

  • Are at least age 16
  • Have a body mass index higher than 27 and chronic illnesses such as heart disease or diabetes
  • Are willing to adopt a healthy lifestyle
  • Need to lose weight before knee, back or bariatric surgery
  • Need to lose more weight or maintain weight loss after bariatric surgery
  • Have insurance that requires consideration of nonsurgical weight loss options before approving coverage of weight loss surgery