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At Novant Health, you have more ways to reach your wellness goals

You can craft a personal wellness plan at Novant Health, drawing on programs and services that align with your goals for pursuing better health. Through our network, you have access to experts in many fields of medicine. When it comes to weight loss services, you also have choices. While surgery can be effective for weight loss, it may not be preferred or recommended.

Nonsurgical weight-loss options may include:

Meal replacements

Often the most difficult part of losing weight is knowing what to eat and how much. A meal replacement program carried out with careful supervision can be a valuable tool for helping you control your daily calories.

Weight loss medicines

Our board-certified physicians can talk with you about FDA-approved weight-loss medicines that can be used to lose weight and maintain weight loss. These medications are designed to suppress appetite, control food cravings and reduce binge eating.

Gastric balloon

The Orbera gastric balloon can be put in place without surgery or an incision. It is designed to take up space in the stomach and help with portion control and understanding of how much food to eat. You can go home the same day your procedure is done, and the balloon is removed after six months. Most weight loss is expected in the first three months after the device is in place.

With support, you can lose weight safely

Getting fit and healthier is easier when you have a team of experts to help. You'll find the coaching, support and medical care you need to meet your wellness goals at CoreLife Novant Health.

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