Neurosciences Institute

Stroke Bridge Clinic

We can help you get ready for life after a stroke

For stroke survivors, returning to a normal routine after leaving the hospital can be the hardest part of recovery. Making sure you take the right medications, getting to your rehabilitation appointments and even doing simple tasks like making meals at home can be overwhelming. If you are well enough to leave the hospital but still face serious cognitive or physical challenges, extra attention from talented clinicians who specialize in caring for stroke survivors can make a big difference. At Novant Health’s stroke bridge clinics, you can get this extra attention in a friendly setting.

At our stroke bridge clinics in Charlotte and Winston-Salem, a dedicated team will work together to help you transition from the hospital setting to your home:

  • A neurology nurse practitioner will review your treatment plan to make sure that your recovery progresses at an acceptable rate.
  • A stroke navigator will guide you and your caregivers through the recovery process, answering questions, helping with arrangements such as transportation to appointments and helping you connect with services in the community that can make life easier as you recover. Sometimes, the navigator may just provide a sympathetic ear and words of encouragement on days when your recovery seems most challenging.
  • Our team will work with your regular physician to ensure that you make a smooth transition back to primary care.

At Novant Health, our stroke specialists are committed to delivering the highest quality stroke care, when and where you need it. We’re focused on helping you get better and stay healthy.

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