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Ventricular aneurysm

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What is a ventricular aneurysm surgery?

A ventricular aneurysm is a bulge on your heart. The bulge can form when a heart attack or birth defect weakens part of your heart and keeps it from pumping blood efficiently. Blood that is not pumped efficiently can fill that weakened area rather than flow to the rest of your body.

Symptoms of a ventricular aneurysm can include shortness of breath, fatigue, pain, irregular heartbeats or heart failure.

Your provider can use imaging tools such as X-rays and ultrasound to look for and find a ventricular aneurysm.

Although some people live with ventricular aneurysms for years, your doctor may recommend surgery to repair the weakened part of your heart or insert a small tool (a ventricular assist device, or VAD) that will help your heart continue pumping blood. If surgery is not recommended, your doctor may suggest lifestyle changes or other techniques to reduce the strain on your heart.