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Improving your health can give you more freedom to enjoy life

Whether living healthier is your passion or your doctor’s prescription, we can help. With the right tips and tools, you can become stronger and more fit, to help prevent chronic disease and illness. Choose programs and events that are right for you. You also can get information about high-quality medical care that is available throughout our network. Find your path and get started today.

Wellness programs

If better health is your goal, we want to make it easy to get the services you need. Our resources are available to you online and at our locations throughout the region. Get started by choosing programs that fit your needs:

  • Thriving Together: We all know there are times and circumstances that compel us simply to be in "survival mode." The question is how do we personally and collectively thrive in this environment? Thriving together is a concerted campaign that will support our collective, holistic well-being and enhance our ability to flourish in the face of challenge, in times of crisis.
  • Integrative medicine: These special services can help address side effects and support healing during treatment for cancer.
  • Remarkable you: Get information online for staying fit, eating healthy, understanding and managing your risk for disease, as well as dates for upcoming events that you can attend.
  • Sports and performance medicine: Youths and adults can learn to reach higher and achieve more in training programs that emphasize safety and performance.
  • Mobile mammography: Novant Health’s mobile mammography services are available in a 38-foot motorized coach that travels to you. Our goal is to ensure women have access to high-quality breast health services, regardless of ability to travel to a full-service imaging center.
  • Community Cruiser: Our mission to provide remarkable healthcare extends outside the walls of Novant Health hospitals. The Community Care Cruiser, a 40-foot mobile clinic, provides immunizations (vaccines) to uninsured children in the greater Charlotte area.

How old is your heart?

Do you know the age of your heart? This number is crucial to your overall health, and can be effected by your sugar intake, stress, exercise level, and much more. The first step to improving the health of your heart is knowing your heart age.

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