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Breast cancer

More help and support today
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You don’t have to face your breast cancer diagnosis alone. The breast cancer specialists at Novant Health Cancer Institute are close by and here to provide you with information, support and the help you need to overcome cancer.

Are you genetically at risk for breast cancer?

With certain cancers such as breast cancer, family history of breast or ovarian cancer is an important indicator in determining your chance of developing this disease. Our cancer risk program gives you an opportunity to work with a genetic counselor, physician, nurse and wellness specialist to learn how your family history may influence your risk for developing cancer. Learn more about cancer risk & genetic counseling.

Your team of specialists focuses on you and your treatment

We have a team of experts who customize your breast cancer care based on your individual case. The dedicated professionals that work closely with you include specialists from surgical oncology, medical oncology, radiation oncology, radiology, pathology, nutrition, patient navigation, clinical research, psychosocial support services and symptom management.

Multidisciplinary breast cancer care

Some of our cancer care facilities offer a Multidisciplinary Breast Cancer Clinic, which provides a unique opportunity to receive a second opinion on your breast cancer diagnosis. During this process, our team of specialists will work together to review your case. They will discuss the best treatment options for your particular cancer. From there, you will receive an individualized treatment plan recommendation.

Breast nurse navigators – your personal guide on your journey

Our breast nurse navigators, with specialized training in all areas of breast health and breast cancer treatment, are here to help you get the information you need about your treatment plan, treatment options and your personalized care.

Specialized care for inpatient treatment

If your treatment requires you to stay overnight, our hospitals with inpatient oncology units can provide you with the expert care, support and amenities you need when you need them.

Clinical trials – access to leading-edge research and medicines

Novant Health Cancer Institute participates in national clinical trials, which offer patients access to leading edge treatments for breast cancer before they are widely available. We will partner with you and your family to assist with your breast cancer journey every step of the way.

Cancer support for you and your family

A breast cancer diagnosis can be challenging for you and your entire family. At Novant Health Cancer Institute, we offer support services like counseling, support groups, financial resource guidance, case management and education seminars to help deal with mental, emotional and financial aspects of your diagnosis.

Breast cancer treatment symptom management

We have special services and programs to help you manage the side effects that you may be experiencing from your breast cancer treatment such as fatigue, weight loss, nausea, anxiety and some pain.

We urge all women to have their annual screening mammogram. The screening only takes 30 minutes. This is the most important first step for early detection and treatment. Please schedule your screening today!

Novant Health was the first in North Carolina to offer SAVI SCOUT to breast cancer patients in need of surgery. SCOUT uses nonradioactive, radar technology to provide real-time surgical guidance during breast surgery. It can be placed in the target tissue up to 30 days in advance of the surgery, and it provides a less painful and less stressful alternative to needle localization. Ask your surgeon if SAVI SCOUT is an option for your surgery.

If your treatment requires you to stay overnight, our hospitals with inpatient oncology units can provide you with the expert care, support and amenities you need when you need them.