Cancer Institute

Cardio-oncology program

Helping your heart stay healthy during cancer treatment and beyond

Being diagnosed with cancer can affect your entire body – especially your heart. Unfortunately, the same treatments that help treat cancer can also cause strain and damage to your heart. Certain types of radiation and chemotherapy treatments have been linked to heart disease, heart failure, abnormal heart rhythm, heart attack or inflammation around the heart muscles. Sometimes cardio-toxicity occurs while undergoing treatment; other times it appears long after treatment has ended.

We pay special attention to your heart’s health during your battle with cancer. Together with the Novant Health heart and vascular team, we developed a unique cardio-oncology service. This program is designed to help identify the risk of heart disease if you are currently undergoing or have completed treatment for cancer. Some of the areas we specialize in include:

  • Care if you have heart disease and are currently being treated for cancer
  • Care if your cancer treatment is causing a heart problem
  • Protection to reduce associated complications
  • Research of new cancer treatments that are less harmful to your heart

Contact our Novant Health cardio-oncology program in Charlotte or Winston-Salem to learn more about how we can aggressively treat your cancer while protecting your heart’s health.