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Prepare for an exceptional healthcare experience

Whether you are a patient or a visitor, we want to make your experience with Novant Health outstanding. You are entering an environment where you and your well-being are always at the forefront of our staff’s priorities. Together, we are on a journey working toward a better state of health and wellness for you. To help us reach that goal, we've prepared useful information to assist you in preparing for your visit.

Admissions - When you arrive at one of our hospitals, we want your stay to be as easy and comfortable as possible. The first step before any inpatient or outpatient procedure is to visit our admitting department. Our team of helpful and knowledgeable registrars can help you complete the necessary forms while answering any questions you may have. Begin your pre-registration here. »

Discharge information - When you are admitted to one of our hospitals, you will be asked questions to help our healthcare team determine if you need additional assistance after you are discharged. We will work with you, your family and doctor to plan for your discharge the entire time you are in the hospital.

Your doctor will determine when you are ready to go home and will provide you with written authorization of discharge. At that time, your doctor or nurse will review any instructions for follow-up care with you. You will receive a copy of these instructions.

Discharge time is approximately 11:00 a.m. and we ask that you plan to have someone available to take you home at time of discharge. Your discharge plan may include information about:

  • Medications
  • Foods to avoid with your medicines
  • Use of equipment
  • Available community services
  • Care of your incision
  • Activities of daily living
  • Safety measures
  • Follow-up appointments and care
  • Special diet
  • Activity
  • Pain management
  • Financial concerns
  • Lifestyle changes, such as stopping tobacco use

Finding a patient - To locate a patient in one of our hospital locations, call the hospital directly. You will find a complete listing of hospitals here »

Sending patient mail and flowers - If your family or friends want to send you mail or flowers, please have them add your name to the corresponding hospital address. The mailroom will locate the patient's room number from the hospital database. Mail received after a patient's discharge will be forwarded to the patient's home. You will find a complete listing of hospitals here »

Florists - Hospital volunteers will deliver flowers ordered from off-campus florists to a patient's room. Floral arrangements are also sold in the gift shop located in the main lobby of the first floor and can be purchased daily until 8:00 p.m. Please keep in mind that large plants and floral arrangements are difficult to remove at discharge. Some patients' conditions may prevent them from having live plants. Check with the patient's nurse at your specific location.

Visiting hours - Each of our hospital locations has a specific set of visiting hours. You will find a complete listing of hospitals here »

Business center - Our Guest Services Department provides visitor access to a business center with many office services. The services vary from hospital-to-hospital, but can include use of a computer with Internet access, use of a printer, use of a fax machine and use of a private phone. The hours and location vary per hospital. We also offer free wireless Internet access throughout each hospital. Check the Novant Health locations here. »

Dining, gift shop, ATM - Many of our hospital locations offer you and visitors a unique dining experience, a gift shop, and ATM access. An automated teller machine (ATM), a U.S. postal stamp machine, and a mailbox are located in the main lobby in each of our hospital locations. View the specific hours and locations of these amenities within each Novant Health hospital »

Chaplaincy services - Our chaplaincy services are committed to caring for the special spiritual needs of you and your family. Chaplains are available to help patients and families of all faith traditions explore spiritual questions and concerns that may arise during hospitalization.

CaringBridge® patient websites - When a loved one is in the hospital, the support of friends and family can make all the difference in their recovery. We are proud to sponsor CaringBridge, a free website service that makes it easy for family members and friends to stay informed and send their support and encouragement over the website. Our sponsorship helps ensure that the CaringBridge service continues to be free and available to all families in need.

Who can use CaringBridge?

  • Parents of an ill child
  • A cancer patient undergoing treatment
  • An expectant mother with a high-risk pregnancy
  • Any patient or family member who wants to share information and receive support

Benefits of a CaringBridge website:

  • Spend less time making phone calls and repeating information.
  • By making daily posts on a CaringBridge website, you can keep friends and family informed and have more time to spend focusing on wellness.
  • Receive support and inspiration by encouraging visitors to post messages within the included guest book.
  • No knowledge of website programming is required. 
  • Privacy settings allow you to control who accesses your site.
  • The service is free.

For more information, or to set up a patient care page, visit the CaringBridge website.

Patient condition reports - Any personal information about your diagnosis and treatment must come from the doctor. This medical information is only available to the patient or designated members of the immediate family. To further protect your confidentiality and privacy, information regarding your condition will not be provided by telephone unless special arrangements are made with the patient's nurse.

Calling patients - You may call a patient in any of our hospitals by calling Patient Information at the specific hospital location and ask for the patient by full name. Note, however, that patients in our critical-care areas do not have a phone in their room. The operator can transfer you to the waiting room where you may speak with family or friends that are present. Due to patient confidentiality, operators do not report on the condition of patients; they can, however, transfer calls to a nurse's station. You will find a complete listing of hospitals here »

Parking - Many of our medical centers provide free parking for our patients and visitors; however, at some hospital locations there is an hourly or daily fee to park. View the parking fees and rules for a specific Novant Health hospital »

Maps and driving directions - We provide maps and driving directions here on our website. To view maps and driving directions for a specific Novant Health hospital, locate the hospital name to the right side of this page.

Security escort - A security escort is available 24 hours a day to accompany visitors to their vehicles within the visitor's parking lot of our hospital locations. A public safety officer can be reached by calling the main medical center operator and asking for the Public Safety Department; or, ask any employee to call for you.

Waiting room / areas - There are designated waiting rooms (areas) on many floors at each of our hospital locations. If you are in surgery, family and friends will be directed to a convenient waiting area. This will be the area where your surgeon will look for family members to give updates during or following your surgery.

Smoking policy - All of our hospitals are tobacco-free.

If you still have questions or concerns after reviewing this section, please call your local Novant Health hospital.