Hemby Children's Hospital

Visiting the ER

What to expect at our children's emergency room

When you arrive at our children's ER, a triage nurse will welcome you and evaluate your child’s condition. You and your child will then be taken to a treatment room where an experienced provider will examine your child, ask you a few questions and may order any necessary laboratory tests, X-rays or other medical tests to help diagnose and treat your child.

Everything will be discussed and explained in detail. Be sure to ask questions regarding anything you may not fully understand, If your child has any allergies, is on medications, has any other medical conditions, or cannot undergo a particular medical test for any reason, please inform the provider attending to you and your child.

We see everyone as quickly as possible, however, we do treat the most critical patients first. Our staff will do its best to speed up the process, and we’re always available to answer any questions you may have and help soothe your child’s fears.