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Maternity Bereavement

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You can get help with difficult decisions during a high-risk pregnancy

There are times when a pregnancy results in difficult decisions for you and your partner. Severe birth defects or a life-threatening medical condition can put your unborn child at risk. When that happens, you can receive guidance and care from Novant Health Forsyth Medical Center’s Family Perinatal and Neonatal Supportive Care team. This team will work to offer you the information you need to make decisions before, during and after delivery.

Whether you are referred to Forsyth Medical Center by your ob-gyn after abnormal tests or you come in for emergency care, you may be directed to a member of this specialized team. During your first visit, team members will give you detailed information about your baby’s condition and explain what that could mean for your baby’s future.

If your baby is diagnosed with a condition that could make it difficult for them to survive, or if you go into labor before your baby is 22 weeks old, members of this team will help you understand the decisions you may face and the options you might have.

If you experience a loss, members of this team will check up on you regularly for up to a year after you leave the hospital. These check-ins could include cards, calls with our social worker and information on processing grief.