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Helping teens develop into strong, healthy women

Adolescent development

Novant Health Forsyth Medical Center, in conjunction with the Maya Angelou Women's Health & Wellness Center, provides resources for encouraging the development of teenagers into strong, healthy young women with positive self-images.

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girl and doctor examDuring adolescence, girls establish a self-image: a concept of how they view themselves as well as how they think others may view them. This can affect personality, academic performance, and disposition. Thus, the development of a positive self-image is critical for children ages 11 to 15.

Starting the conversation

Studies show that many girls have a lower self-image than boys of the same age. Girls go through many physical changes during puberty such as the onset of menstruation, increased body fat, and facial acne that can lead to dissatisfaction with their bodies. During this age girls also begin to feel like they must conform to gender-role stereotypes. We can provide support and encouragement to adolescent girls in several ways:

  • Nurture freedom from stereotyped gender expectations.
  • Take girls into the workplace to observe the importance and contribution of women in the community.
  • Make it a point to inquire regularly about your daughter's participation in school.
  • Listen to your daughter. She may have questions, complaints, and comments about everything going on in her life and she needs to be heard.
  • Be aware that girls receive conflicting messages about how they should look and act from school, television, magazines, and peers. Help them manage social expectations.
Girlology programs

Girlology (and Guyology where available) is a medically based educational platform specializing in puberty, emerging sexuality, and adolescent health. This program demystifies emerging sexuality by equipping young people with knowledge and confidence through parent-child programs, books and web community and by changing the culture of sexuality education by bringing parents and children together to have honest and real world conversations with physicians who are passionate about adolescent health.

Girlology and Guyology are the only physician-led puberty and sexuality education programs available nationally and their services and products are used by parents and caregivers, healthcare professionals, educators, youth workers and youth (8-16 years old); it can complement existing puberty-education and sexuality-education programs. All of our “Girlologists” and “Guyologists” are physicians or experienced & proven educators, trained and certified in our methods and curricula.

Remember, the strength of your daughter's self-image during adolescence may have long-term implications. Foster a positive self-image now, to help her become a strong woman. To that end, Forsyth Medical Center and Maya Angelou Women's Health & Wellness Center offer support and services related to adolescent development in these areas: