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Behavioral health issues in women

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Lifting women out of depression and mood changes

Women and depression

One in five women will experience an episode of clinical depression in her lifetime and more than half will never seek treatment. Depression affects women about twice as often as men. Other behavioral-health disorders such as anxiety and bipolar disorders also affect women in profound ways throughout their life cycle.

The staff of skilled behavioral-health professionals at the Novant Health Maya Angelou Women's Health & Wellness Center is committed to providing personalized and compassionate care. We work with various agencies in the community to meet our client's physical, spiritual and emotional needs. From crisis intervention to acute care to continuing care, the behavioral-health team addresses each person to provide what is needed in behavioral-health services.

Premenstrual mood changes affect many women

Many women in their reproductive years experience transient physical and emotional changes around the time of their period. In fact, at least 75% of women with regular menstrual cycles report unpleasant premenstrual physical or psychological symptoms. For the majority of women, these symptoms are mild and tolerable. However, for a certain group of women, these symptoms can be disabling and may cause significant disruption in their lives.

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Seasonal affective disorder (SAD)

SAD is a form of depression that occurs in relation to the seasons, most commonly beginning in winter. Like other forms of depression, it occurs more frequently in women than in men. However, most people with the "winter blahs" or "cabin fever" do not have SAD.

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For additional information, women should discuss these mood changes with their OB/GYN. Contact the Novant Health Maya Angelou Women's Health & Wellness Center at 718-0060 if you need assistance with connecting to a physician.