Through diabetes- and nutrition-focused classes and services, our team works every day to help people like you live healthier lives.

Our services include:

  • Diabetes self-management program

Using a mix of group and one-on-one sessions, our team will work to help you or your child manage diabetes with more knowledge and greater confidence.

  • General nutrition education

Our nutritionists can offer support and guidance to anyone looking to make smarter food choices.

  • Medical nutrition therapy

If you have a condition such as gluten intolerance or high blood pressure (hypertension), medical nutrition therapy can be a vital part of your treatment. With the help of a registered dietitian, you can create a specialized diet that fits your needs. You can also get support when you need it.

  • Help with diabetes technology

We can offer assistance with setting up new glucose sensors and insulin pumps. Whether you’re trying to link your glucose monitor to your smartphone or adjust to a new system, we have you covered. We can also help you use your new technology to watch for blood sugar spikes. If a pattern is developing, such as consistently high levels in the evening, you can change your diet as needed.

  • Gestational diabetes

If you develop diabetes during pregnancy (gestational diabetes), we can help you manage your diet and stress during pregnancy to help keep your blood sugar levels lower.

  • Diabetes and pregnancy program

If you have diabetes and want to get pregnant, we’re here to make sure you and your baby stay healthy. We offer counseling to help you lower your blood sugar level before conception. Our team can also check for signs of high or low blood sugar levels (hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia) during your pregnancy, as well as monitor your blood sugar before and after childbirth.