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Frequently asked questions

Clemmons Medical Center Services Imaging Frequently asked questions

Got questions about your imaging appointment?

Q: How long does the test take?

A: Testing times vary depending on which test your doctor requests. Some tests will require as little as a half hour, while others may take several hours.

Q: Do I need to bring anything to my appointment?

A: Yes. You need to bring your insurance cards, photo identification and any referral forms (except for a mammogram, which does not require a signed physician's order)

Q: What do I do when I arrive?

A: Upon arrival, please sign in at the front entrance. Have your insurance cards, identification and any other paperwork ready.

Q: Should I take my medication before the exam?

A: Unless your physician or preparation information instructs you otherwise, you should take all medications as directed.

Q: Is there any preparation required for my exam?

A: The preparation for your exam depends on the type of study your physician ordered. Refer to the preparation information you receive from your physician for any special instructions, or call 336-893-1590 if you have questions.