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Observation students

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Observation students

High school student, preceptorships and internship for observation.

  • Required documentation and the nationwide criminal background checks (which includes social security trace, OIG, and sex offender registry) should be sent all together by the faculty/advisor to
  • All documentation should be submitted at least 4 weeks before the clinical rotation to

Mandatory requirements

All requirements must be submitted:

  • Observations packet for students who work more than 16 hours
  • Observations packet for students who work less than 16 hours
  • Policies to read
  • Read through the following training modules. Please make sure to print and submit the following documents as well:

    Quick tips for completing regulatory requirements:
    • Electronic documents require Adobe X or greater.
    • All requirements must be submitted by the faculty/advisor at the same time at least 4 weeks prior to the start of the internship/preceptorship/observation.
    • All nationwide criminal background checks including social security trace, OIG, and sex offender registry AND 10 panel drug screen results are sent directly to .
    • All requirements must be completed entirely and legibly before being submitted.
    • Requirements should be emailed to and not mailed through the US Postal Service.
    • All parties involved in the internship/preceptorship/observation will be notified of the students clearance to start before the student can schedule time in the Novant Health, Inc. facility
    • Finding a preceptor is the responsibility of the school, school faculty, or advisor for your rotation, internship, or observation.