For New Hanover Students

Thank you for your interest in exploring educational opportunities with New Hanover Regional Medical Center. The following is a list of the documentation and training you will need to complete prior to your start.

Immunizations and TB screening

  • MMR: two doses or titers for Measles (Rubeola), Mumps, and Rubella.
  • Varicella: two doses or titer for Varicella.
  • Hepatitis B: Energix-B or Recombivax HB three dose series (at 0, 1 month, and 6 months); Heplisav-B two dose series at least four weeks apart; or HepA-HepB three dose series; or titer for Hepatitis B.
  • Td/Tdap: Td booster every 10 years and one-time dose of Tdap as soon as possible if individual has not received Tdap previously (regardless of when previous dose of Td was received).
  • Tuberculosis (TB) requirements
    • Baseline Individual TB Risk Assessment including TB symptom evaluation AND Initial TB/PPD: Two-step PPD within the last 12 months (2nd PPD administered 1-3 weeks after 1st PPD is read) or a TB Blood Test with program admission or readmission.
  • Students with positive TB skin test in the past, due to TB exposure/infection or BCG vaccination, a chest x-ray within the last 5 years is required along with the Baseline Individual TB Risk Assessment and TB symptom evaluation.
    • If a PPD is positive, chest X-ray should be negative for TB disease and individual asymptomatic for TB.
  • Annual Tuberculosis Risk Assessment and Attestation Form: Download TB Attestation Form (PDF)
  • Influenza: current seasonal vaccination for rotations from October-April

Background check and drug screen

The criminal background check and the drug screen are the student’s responsibility and expense. Most schools have established contracts or processes for students to get criminal background checks and drug screens.

  • The background check must include Criminal records check (CRC) includes a nationwide check in each state for the past 7 years based on the student’s security number and address history. The check also must include sex offender and OIG.
  • The drug screen must include the following 10 drugs:
    • AMP amphetamine
    • BAR barbiturates
    • BZP benzodiazepines
    • COC cocaine
    • METH methamphetamines
    • MTD methadone
    • OPI opiates
    • OXY oxycodone
    • PCP phencyclidine
    • THC marijuana

Educational institution checklist

The educational institution checklist will be provided to the educational institution by the department manager/designee for each student.

The form must be completed, signed and returned to the department before the student presents to the medical center for their educational experience. The student will be responsible for all areas not marked as completed by the educational institution.

A woman is on her laptop while talking on the phone.

Online orientation

Once you have reviewed the online orientation, you must complete the test and pass with a minimum of 90% (there are 18 questions).

Upon passing the test, you will be able to print a certificate of completion.

  • Nursing students should submit their certificate of completion to their clinical education specialist (includes RNs, NAs, LPNs) or to their department manager/designee for the ambulatory affiliates of New Hanover Regional Medical Center.
  • Allied health and support services students should submit this to their manager/director or designee at New Hanover Regional Medical Center.
  • Schools should maintain a copy as part of the student's file and the original document should be retained in the student's department file.

Hourly rounding and AIDET competencies

When you begin your educational experience at Novant Health New Hanover Regional Medical Center, you will be required to complete an hourly rounding (nursing students) or AIDET (Allied Health or support services students) competency.

Nursing Students: Will be validated by their nursing instructor.

Allied Health or Non-Nursing Students: Complete the AIDET competency CBL. Validation must be completed before the first day of your educational experience. Students should submit the certificate of completion to their manager/director or designee at New Hanover Regional Medical Center.