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Episode of Care benefit option

Careers Benefits Episode of Care benefit option

Episodes of care are bundled packages of health care services for a single all-inclusive price that is usually easier to understand and less costly than typical charges for the combined elements of the episode of care bundle.

The Episode of care for elective total lower joint replacement procedures of the knee or hip includes typically necessary services for an elective total joint replacement procedure from 45- days before surgery through 45 days post-hospital discharge.

The Episode of care for maternity includes all delivery methods, frequently identified clinical concerns, and normal newborn hospital care provided by Novant Health acute care facilities*, NHMG OBGYN* and pediatrics plus independent providers as needed who have agreed to participate in the Episode of Care program. To be eligible to participate you must be in your first trimester of pregnancy, diagnosed after your benefits begin under the Novant Health Cigna medical plans.

*Provider availability is limited in the Coastal Region.

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