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At Novant Health, making an appointment and preregistering has never been easier

Since Novant Health is comprised of 15 hospitals and over 550 clinics, appointments can be made system-wide at many locations and in varying ways, and most all of our appointments can be made online. We will do our best to guide you in finding the best location and or doctor in scheduling your appointment, whether it is a first-time appointment, a follow-up, or an annual well visit.

Same day appointments

If you have a primary care provider, we recommend first checking with your provider to determine if you can be worked you into their schedule. If not, we recommend one of our express care or urgent care clinics. You can use our online location finder to find a location near you.

Virtual care appointments

We also have video visits if you are not able to physically make it to one of our locations. All you need is an Apple or Android cell phone or a webcam computer and a Novant Health MyChart account. Another option would be e-visits and this program allows you to fill out a questionnaire for a non-emergency issue, and one of our providers will respond with a recommended treatment plan as they are able.

Make an appointment

If you do not yet have a primary care provider, we recommend visiting our primary care page to learn what a primary care provider is and how one can benefit you and your family. Most appointments are made with our primary care providers to first help diagnose the issue, and then if needed, they will recommend a specialist. If you have already been given a name as a recommendation for one of our specialists, please use our provider finder to search for the appropriate specialist. You can also use this provider finder to browse our primary care providers.

Online preregistration

Appointments are not typically made through our hospitals unless you are being admitted by your provider or a procedure or test has been scheduled for you through your provider’s office, or unless you are being admitted through one of our emergency departments.

We provide online preregistration for those who are scheduled with a primary care provider or scheduled for hospital procedures, including the birth of a child, upcoming inpatient and outpatient surgeries, imaging and scans, and other procedures. Preregistration will decrease your wait time on the day of service. For more information on how preregistration could benefit you and your family, visit our Preregistration FAQs.