Dependent Verification

Medical coverage for dependents

If you will be enrolling a dependent (spouse and/or child(ren)) onto your Novant Health medical plan that has not been previously covered, you must upload documentation that verifies the individual(s) you are enrolling are eligible dependents. The documents you need to submit are outlined in the following sections.


  • You may not elect coverage for dependents if your dependents are covered as an employee under any Novant Health plans.
  • No person can be insured as a dependent of more than one employee under our plans.
  • Child dependents may be covered through the last day of the month in which they turn 26.

When to submit your documentation

If you will be enrolling dependents in the Novant Health medical plan, you have 31-days to enroll and submit the required documentation noted in the following sections.

Spouse Mandate for Medical Coverage

You cannot enroll your spouse in the Novant Health medical plan if your spouse is:

  • Employed and
  • Eligible for employer-sponsored group medical coverage at their place of employment

Your spouse may be eligible for medical coverage with Novant Health if:

  • Your spouse is:
    • Self-employed
    • Unemployed
    • Retired
    • Disabled
  • Your spouse's employer does not offer group medical coverage to its employees

If you are enrolling your spouse in your medical benefits, you must upload documentation (outlined in the following sections) that verifies they are not eligible for other group medical insurance, such as through their employer.

The spouse mandate requirement only applies to medical insurance — your spouse can be enrolled in dental, vision, and life insurance regardless of their eligibility for these plans somewhere else.

What You Need to Submit

The following are the documentation you must submit to verify your dependent(s)' eligibility to be added to your Novant Health health insurance.

When submitting copies of your federal tax return:

  • "Current year" means 2022 or 2023.
  • You may remove all:
    • Financial information
    • But the last 4 digits of Social Security numbers

How to Submit Your Documentation

Directions on how to upload dependent documentation for Novant Health benefits.