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Complete care for every stage of your life

Throughout your life, your healthcare needs will change. Our women’s health specialists use a holistic approach to understanding your unique needs and provide a range of services from prevention, diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

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Women's Health Services


Your ob-gyn is typically the first point of contact for preventative, screening, and diagnostic procedures. As they understand your unique health needs, your gynecological specialist may put you in touch with other providers offering specialized care and treatment.
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Whether you are starting or growing your family, our maternity specialists help support you through every phase of pregnancy and prepare you for your baby’s arrival.

Pelvic Health

Pelvic health services range from postpartum care to conditions that can occur anytime, such as incontinence and pelvic pain. Our pelvic health specialists don't require a referral, so you can find one nearby.

Sexual Health and Wellness

Novant Health provides personalized resources to support your sexual health. You don't need a referral to speak with a sexual health specialist, so you can get advice and treatment as soon as you need it.

Puberty and Teenage Years

As you go through puberty, it is a good idea to start visits with a gynecologist. Most girls should have their first gynecologic visit between the ages of 13 and 15.

Women's Health Locations

With dozens of Novant Health women's health clinics specializing in women's health services you'll find the care you need.

Why Choose Novant Health?

From adolescent health needs to childbirth through menopause and beyond, Novant Health cares for you at every age and stage of your life. You'll find compassionate, personalized care whether you're moving from one stage to the next or thinking ahead about preventative women's health and wellness care like mammograms and other women's health screenings.

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We are committed to serving all individuals with compassion, understanding and respect.

Our inclusive approach to healthcare is the foundation of who we are. We have been recognized as a LGBTQ+ Healthcare Leader and included among Forbes most diverse companies.

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Care for the LGBTQ+ community

Health and well-being begin with a safe, accessible, and affirming environment. Novant Health is committed to caring for all women and people with gynecologic needs while respecting your identity and removing barriers.

Our women's health services transcend all gender identities. From internal and family medicine to oncology and genetic counseling, our interdisciplinary team includes providers who focus on gender-affirming care across specialties. Novant Health is improving access to understand you and provide remarkable care.

Protecting your privacy

Any information you share about your sexual orientation or gender identity with your provider is strictly confidential. Our providers use that information to help get you the best, most appropriate care for your needs, but they won't share it with anyone else. You can also request that they don't indicate this information on your record to protect your privacy.

Scheduling an appointment

In most cases, you can make an appointment directly by calling us or booking online. For certain specialists, you may need a referral from your primary care provider including your OB-GYN.

What's covered by insurance?

If a procedure is medically necessary, it will most likely be covered by insurance. However, how much your insurance covers depends on your plan, so you should check with your insurance provider about specific coverage. When you speak with your insurer, be as specific as possible about which provider and women's health clinic you plan to go to, so they can give you the most accurate information.

Estimating costs of services

You can use our online cost estimator tool to help figure out how much your cost might be based on your insurance and other details about your financial situation. Novant Health works to make the process of understanding your costs as simple as possible and offers resources to help you get the care you need.

The Importance of Mammograms

Getting a mammogram is one of the easiest and most important tools to protect your breast health. Our advanced imaging tools allow your providers to assess your breast health and work with you to make an informed plan for care.

Woman having a mammography examination at a clinic with a female technician.

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