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Valuable resources for healthier living.

The diet and nutrition experts at Novant Health are here to help you take the mystery and fear out of losing weight. We offer a variety of free educational information on healthy eating habits and foods to avoid. Find low-calorie recipes from our experienced dietitians, learn the facts and myths of successful dieting and discover wellness programs and seminars.

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Advice and support from medical experts

Getting started on a weight loss program can be daunting. There's so much information out there on the best ways to lose weight. But how can you be sure what's accurate and what's not? Our team of experts debunk weight loss myths and work with you to understand:

  • Why you gain weight
  • How diet, exercise and healthy lifestyle choices impact your weight
  • How to set realistic weight loss goals
  • What options and weight loss resources are available
  • How to get started on a weight loss program and lose weight
  • Ways to maintain a healthy weight

Get Our Weight Loss Guide

Our free "Fearless 5" weight loss guide provides practical, straightforward tips and strategies written by medical experts to help you meet your goals. You'll find expert advise to help you set and achieve realistic weight loss goals.

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Helping You Make Smart Food Decisions

More people are making smart food choices these days, which has prompted fast-food chains to offer healthier options on their menus. Discover other ways to eat more nutritiously at home and when dining out.