Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Comprehensive, individualized respiratory therapy

By addressing all aspects of your health — from helping you strengthen your heart strength, improve your diet, and address your mental health to helping you quit smoking — Novant Health's pulmonary rehabilitation can lead to improved outcomes and avoiding possible complications. Rehabilitation therapy can also help you manage your chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) medication and be a powerful treatment for emphysema or chronic bronchitis treatment.

With pulmonary rehabilitation centers available across North Carolina, we make participation accessible. Some programs may be open to the community.

Find a Pulmonary Specialist

Transformative Care to Live Your Best

Research shows that participating in a pulmonary rehabilitation program can improve your treatment outcomes and make it easy for you to better manage — and possibly reduce — your symptoms. Rehabilitation therapy can help you see treatment breakthroughs for a variety of respiratory conditions. It can also be an option for you if you have had/are planning to have lung volume reduction or lung transplant surgery.

If you have another related condition that makes it difficult to breathe, such as pulmonary hypertension or heart failure, talk to your doctor to see if you could be a candidate for pulmonary rehabilitation.

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Expect Remarkable Results on Your Terms.

Novant Health’s rehabilitation therapy is designed to empower you to adapt what you learn to your everyday life once you complete your program. You should leave our pulmonary rehabilitation centers feeling:

  • Enhanced strength, endurance, and breathing ability
  • Improved overall mental health and quality of life
  • Increased exercise tolerance
  • Empowered to participate in physical and social activities
  • Educated about all aspects of pulmonary disease management and prevention

Participating in a pulmonary rehabilitation program can also reduce your overall medical costs by cutting down on doctor visits.

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Home Care Assistance

As needed, our case managers and respiratory care providers can help you:

  • Arrange for home care services
  • Explore long-term care options
  • Find durable medical equipment, including home oxygen arrangements

Your Care Community

You’ll be in excellent, compassionate hands while participating in a Novant Health pulmonary rehabilitation program. You will be treated and coached by a diverse, interdisciplinary team of licensed and/or certified respiratory care professionals, which may include the following. Each provider plays an essential role in helping you breathe stronger and healthier.

Get Started with Respiratory Care.

To get started with advanced respiratory care, make an appointment with your primary care provider. Clearly describe the symptoms you’re experiencing. Your provider may give you a referral for pulmonary rehabilitation, respiratory therapy, or a pulmonologist if needed.

Specific conditions treated can vary by location. Your provider can help you schedule at the right respiratory care location for you.

You can make an appointment in MyChart, Novant Health's secure, convenient online healthcare management tool. With MyChart, you can schedule appointments, view test results, refill prescriptions, and even have virtual visits with your providers right from your computer or smartphone.

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No Primary Care Provider?

Use our Physician Matcher to find the provider that best matches your needs and preferences, including location, specialty, years of experience and gender.

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Referring a Patient?

If you're a referring physician or healthcare professional, we can help you find the right specialist, programs and services for your patient.