Outpatient Programs

Receive convenient daily support.

Novant Health offers flexible outpatient mental health treatment options that you can fit into your daily routine.

Find care and resources.

For help finding the right care for you or your loved one or answers to your questions, call our 24-hour toll-free mental health program access line:


Licensed therapists are available to provide you with answers and support when you need it.

Outpatient treatment programs

Determining a treatment plan

A mental health assessment measures factors like your mood, reasoning abilities, memory and social skills. Your mental health specialist might ask questions about your behavioral and physical health and family history.

When hospitalization isn't needed

If you need concentrated care but don't require an overnight stay, our intensive outpatient program provides 12 or more hours of treatment during weekdays.

Private, confidential care

Novant Health provides confidential drug and alcohol misuse assessments. Our specialists will evaluate the type and frequency of your substance usage and your willingness to change.

Support of loved ones

Recovery from an addiction impacts your family and loved ones too. We encourage you to invite your loved ones to take an active, supportive role in your treatment and recovery.

Care beyond treatment

Once you've completed treatment, we're there for you as you continue to manage your symptoms. Our continuing care program offers weekly day and evening sessions.

A compassionate, caring network

Group therapy can be a helpful tool for managing your emotional health. You'll connect and share with others experiencing similar issues.

Positive reinforcement and support

If you're recovering from substance use disorder, listening to others who have been down the same path can give you the encouragement you need to maintain positive changes in your life.

Individualized plan

Our trained mental health professionals provide an individualized therapy plan to treat your unique issues. As part of our outpatient program, your therapy often gets paired with medication to manage your symptoms and promote recovery.

Access the latest therapies.

Electroconvulsive therapy

Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) is a safe and effective treatment for conditions like depression, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. You'll be given general anesthesia and can expect to recover from the procedure in about thirty minutes.


Ketamine treats conditions such as PTSD, mood disorders and severe depression. Under Novant Health clinical provider assessment and supervision, the drug is administered through an IV in a series of small doses. It typically has an immediate effect.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is a noninvasive procedure that uses an electromagnet to stimulate areas of the brain linked to mood control and depression. This painless treatment method is typically well tolerated with minimal side effects.