Imaging services that put you and your health first

At Novant Health, your medical images are more than just scans. They are stories about a person who deserves prompt, accurate, and compassionate answers about what may be going on inside their body. Our teams are committed to finding answers for you so you can get put on the right care plan you need to live at your best.

There is not an imaging need, simple or advanced, that you cannot access within the Novant Health network. And, with imaging centers located across the region, we make accessing those services convenient.

Imaging Appointments

To get an appointment for most diagnostic imaging procedures, you typically must have a referral and physician's order. Start with talking with your primary care provider about your concern. They can help get you on the path to getting an imaging referral if needed. Novant Health imaging centers accept all physician imaging orders.

If you have had a previous imaging procedure and need new images, you do not need go back to the same imaging center you went to before. Our radiologists can request the images from your previous exam(s) to compare to your new results.  

It is important that you keep your scheduled imaging appointment. If you will be late due to an emergency, please call our scheduling team as soon as possible to cancel or reschedule.

What to Bring

Please bring the following documents to your appointment. Make sure your insurance card is current for the date of your exam.

Referral form from your doctor
Insurance Card
Contact information
Payment (if applicable)
A Novant Health nurse is holding paperwork as she explains information to a patient.

Costs & Insurance

Insurance company approval may be required (“prior authorization”) even with valid imaging orders from your provider.

Appointment costs vary depending on specific procedure, your insurance coverage, and the imaging center. Good faith estimates are provided and discounted services may be available if you don't have insurance.

Be sure to take advantage of our many free healthcare cost resources — including financial navigators — to learn more.

A health care provider is reviewing an x-ray while talking on the phone.

Your Imaging Results

A radiologist will review your medical images and report their findings to your doctor 24 to 72 hours after your exam. (Your doctor can also request to view the images online.) Your doctor will contact you to discuss your results and any next steps.

Take advantage of Novant Health MyChart to:

  • View your imaging results as soon as they’re available
  • Contact your doctor
  • Set up follow up appointments

Your Home for Expert Imaging

Diagnostic imaging and medical imaging Novant Health provides includes the following. Services offered depends on the specific imaging center.

The Importance of Mammograms

Getting a mammogram is one of the easiest, yet most important, steps you can take to protect your breast health. Did you know you can schedule your routine screening mammogram online in minutes, without a referral from your doctor?

Use the following links to view locations near you and choose a convenient date and time for your mammogram. (Patients in the Wilmington area can conveniently schedule using MyChart.) Many locations offer extended hours, making it easy for you to take control of your health.

Woman having a mammography examination at a clinic with a female technician.

Find Imaging Centers Near You.

The care team referring you for imaging may help you set up your appointment at a particular location. You can also choose to schedule your imaging appointment at the imaging center most convenient to you. Visit individual imaging center websites to learn which specific types of imaging are offered at or to schedule at that location.

No Primary Care Provider?

Use our Physician Matcher to find the provider that best matches your needs and preferences, including location, specialty, years of experience and gender.

Why Choose Novant Health?

All our imaging center teams include certified registered technologists and fellowship-trained radiologists on site. These imaging healthcare specialists have extensive training in all types of imaging, from the simple to the more advanced, so you can access the highest level of care, close to home.

Some of our most next-level medical imaging services include:

Two surgeons analyzing a patient’s medical scans during surgery.

Medical imaging at Novant Health is based on a culture of excellence and integrity. Our talented providers are committed to delivering the world-class services you need and deserve, and to adapting as needed to further enhance your care.

At our American College of Radiology-accredited imaging centers, you can expect advanced, state-of-the-art equipment that provides the clearest in-depth medical images. These high-quality images help our specialists discover any concerns to make accurate diagnoses of conditions that may need further treatment.

A healthcare provider is writing as they review an x-ray of a patients hip.

When your care team refers you for any kind of imaging — whether it be a simple X-ray or mammogram or an advanced MRI or CT scan — Novant Health is your destination for high-quality imaging services close to home. With locations across North Carolina, we make choosing an imaging center for your appointment easy.

Our diagnostic imaging centers and breast imaging centers offer extensive availability, like:

  • Flexible scheduling, including same-day or next-day appointments
  • Extended hours, such as nights and Saturdays
Two team members and a woman are preparing for a mammography scan.

Your images are more than just pictures to our imaging providers — they tell a story about a human with very real emotional needs. When you get a scan, you deserve to know exactly what it means for you and what to expect next; we understand that something we see often may be entirely new, and perhaps scary, to you. Our compassionate care teams will take the time to support you and make sure you understand what's happening every step of the way, whether it be a diagnosis or a treatment plan.

And, we are committed to making sure you get the care you need, whatever your financial situation. We strive to make medical imaging affordable.

A young girl is sitting on her moms lap while a Novant Health team member positions her arm for an x-ray.

What Imaging Is Used to Measure

Your doctor may refer you for diagnostic imaging to look for signs that you may have or be at risk for or have certain illnesses, infections, injuries, and other conditions. The following are examples of areas of your health these tests might measure, and the types of imaging most often used for each area.

Physician greeting a new patient

Referring a Patient?

If you're a referring physician or healthcare professional, we can help you find the right specialist, programs and services for your patient.