Clinical Research

Clinical research can offer more options for treatment.

Medical research through clinical trials can make innovative care available to you before it is offered more widely in your community. Our goal is to find new ways to prevent, detect and treat diseases. Our clinical trials include studies of new drugs, new drug combinations, medical devices and innovative therapies. Clinical trials also help us develop new ways to use existing treatments, reduce side effects and study new surgical procedures.

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Research helps us look to the future

We are committed to advancing healthcare in the communities we serve. Research studies available at Novant Health include:

  • Early-phase clinical trials to establish drug safety with novel chemotherapies, immunotherapies and cellular therapies used for treating cancer and other illnesses
  • Studies of new imaging technology for heart and vascular disease, neurosciences, cancer and other conditions
  • Medical device studies for orthopedics, cardiac conditions and more
  • Innovative surgical procedures such as minimally invasive surgery to shorten recovery time and promote healing
  • Pediatric studies for a range of conditions, including cancer, sickle cell disease, hemophilia and other blood disorders


Participating in medical research

Volunteering to participate in a clinical trial helps us develop therapies that we will rely on in the future. Every drug and device approved for use in the United States was first tested by volunteers in carefully controlled clinical trials. Our research teams are made up of physicians, nurses, study coordinators, data management and regulatory professionals, and others in healthcare.

Because clinical trials are designed to test the effectiveness and safety of medications and medical devices, benefits are not guaranteed. Clinical trials may involve risks, as with routine medical care and even daily activities. Novant Health’s clinical research teams partner with Institutional Review Boards to ensure all study volunteers have the information they need to make informed decisions about participation. Participation in a research trial is a personal decision involving a patient and the care team. Your medical teams will clearly explain the possible risks and benefits of participation. We invite you to use the search tools above to find more information about Novant Health’s clinical research studies.


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