The care you need for a healthier life is at Hemby Children’s Hospital.

Hemby Children’s Hospital provides comprehensive, family-centered pediatric care for inpatient and outpatient services. Whether your child needs hospital care for an illness or injury or ongoing specialized care for a chronic condition, they are in the best hands with our highly-skilled, dedicated pediatric experts.  Your child will receive care in a child-friendly, comfortable environment designed to promote healing and make your stay more comfortable. 

Hemby Children’s Hospital has many features offered with families in mind: 

  • Covered playground
  • Playroom with fun and educational toys
  • Movie theatre
  • Teen room
  • Family room
  • Brightly colored, spacious rooms with parent bed, microwave and mini fridge
  • Pharmacy located on the first floor of Presbyterian Medical Center 

Pediatric hospital care

If your child needs hospital care, the pediatric floor offers a kid-friendly space to receive remarkable care.  While hospitalized, your child will receive expert care from highly specialized pediatric care staff including pediatric hospitalists and pediatric intensivists who will collaborate with your child’s pediatrician to create a treatment plan and follow-up care for your child’s individual needs. 

Pediatric Primary Care

Ongoing pediatric care is essential to keeping your child healthy as they grow and develop. Our pediatricians offer routine care including physicals, sick visits, and vaccinations. The team of skilled and dedicated primary care providers also offers guidance and support through all your child’s developmental milestones.

A mother and daughter are sitting in a doctors visit with a healthcare provider.
 A young child is lying down in a hospital bed and looking up at a healthcare provider.

Pediatric Surgery

If your child needs surgery, your child is in the hands of some of the most highly skilled, compassionate pediatric surgical teams. Our team is available for inpatient and outpatient surgical care and follow up for a variety of routine and complex conditions. 

We understand that children and families may be nervous about having surgery. Knowing what to expect and how to prepare can help you and your child feel more comfortable before their procedure.

Child Mental Health

If your child needs extra support for more serious emotional needs, our skilled child and adolescent mental health experts are dedicated to ensuring your child receives an individualized treatment plan to help them feel better. We offer inpatient treatment in a safe, confidential and compassionate environment.

Boy talking in a mental health support group